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4 thoughts on “Comments and Reviews

  1. I had the opportunity to order a few different items from the awesome Laura. I requested Stawberry and RedVelvet Macaroons and to be honest they have been one of the best I have ever had! I also got a Cinnamon roll Apple Pie and a Pecan Pie, let me tell you that this were also very very Good! I would 100% recommend for anyone to order from her. You will mot be disappointed!


  2. I have had several baked goods from Laura and I have never been disappointed with anything she’s made! Her macaroons are to die for! Highly recommend the chocolate peanut butter ones. Laura made a chocolate cake with Irish cream frosting for a family event for me and it was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. My father in law was in love! Laura is amazing at taking your vision or flavor ideas and turning it into something that tastes great!


  3. Knew Laura was the best baker to make special cookies for our parents’ 60th wedding anniversary! The cookies were so delicious, beautifully decorated and packaged carefully for travel. Everyone loved them – thanks Laura for helping us make it a special occasion!


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